Growing together

Red River Commodities sources crops directly from growers, so all our products are the finest, freshest available. Our growers are located in major sunflower seed and other specialty crop growing regions around our facilities. We collaborate with our customers and growers through three regions, dedicated to these crops:

Northern Region

Sunflower (confection, oils, conoils, organic)
Millet (including organic)
Flax (human grade and organic)

Contact: Scott Hegge 1-800-437-5539 | Email

Central Region

Sunflower (confection, oils, conoils, organic)

Contact: John Bontjes 785-462-3911 | Email

Southern Region

Sunflower (confection, oils)

Contact: Mike Williams 806-292-1570 | Email

Hybrid seed expertise

Our growers predominantly use our own hybrid seeds. We develop seed varieties to fit markets and buyers, balancing seed traits and growing conditions with consumer demands and grower capabilities.

Contact us about becoming one of our growers.